All About Us

Holden Surveying uses state of the art technology, from hand-held devices to fully robotic reflectorless total stations, coupled with over 20 years of experience in the surveying industry.  This ensures our clients are receiving the best possible service. The services that we provide include (but are not limited to) the following applications:

  • Detail surveys / Contour Surveys – We are able to create a digital terrain model (DTM) through our surveying and mapping service that provides our client with a detail plan showing  contours, existing topographic features such as fences, buildings, vegetation, miscellaneous structures, and underground infrastructure e.g. sewer lines, stormwater pipes etc. as required. Holden Surveying uses surveying equipment and software specifically designed for this type of work.
  • Engineering Setout surveys – Roads, structures, earthworks etc. can be pegged or staked in the field according to approved design plans to enable contractors to build with the confidence and assurance needed to ensure that the project can proceed to design specifications.
  • Construction Setout surveys – These surveys require a higher precision than most other surveys as the tolerances required can approach zero mm. E.g. the setting out of hold-down bolts. Holden Surveying is resolved in providing our clients with the precision and accuracy necessary for the successful completion of their project within the accuracy required.
  • As-Constructed (ASCON) surveys – These surveys are conducted to provide the quality assurance documentation necessary to confirm that the completed construction meets the design specifications required for the project. These documentation and plans also have the additional benefit of providing the client with an accurate record of underground services in the event of future development occurring on that site.
  • Control Surveys – Holden Surveying is able to establish accurate control stations throughout a project area by carrying out the field surveys and network adjustments through the use of dedicated software.
  • Deformation surveys – In conjunction with the establishment of an accurate control network, Holden Surveying is able to carry out a deformation monitoring program to establish incremental movement in structures subject to known or unknown forces. E.g. Sewerage containment walls, building sub-structure movement, earth subsidence.
  • Volume surveys – For the assessment of volumes and surface areas.
  • Levelling – Holden Surveying is able to provide our clients with level runs for the transfer of heights, to the establishment of a level network for precise vertical control.


Jon Holden
Jon Holden – Founder and owner of Holden Surveying